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Holidaymakers usually face major difficulties when trying to find an offer that would suit all their needs. There are so many agencies, both offline and online, different booking engines and other travel sites that sometimes it's nearly impossible to make the right choice. New travel startup aims to simplify the process and find an easier way to connect agents and travellers. HolidayCrowd is connecting travel specialists and people willing to find a best option for holidays. The company has set up a service that allows customers to explain what type of vacation they want. Participating travel agents then assess the request and build an itinerary, knowing that they're competing with one another. When customer finds a favourite itinerary, he is connected with the corresponding agent. The service is free and provides expert help for travellers and allows agents to make bookings anywhere in the world. HolidayCrowd is not the first site to use crowdsourcing to connect agents and travellers. works along the same lines and both sites are similar to a U.S. company called Tripology. Still I'm sure there's plenty of space left on this market and new sites using similar idea will surely find their customers.

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