Handmade Xmas cards ideas

Presents that truly warm up our hearts are usually made by our own hands. Or at least they are made by someone else's hands and have this very special, personal, non-fabric look. So, if you like handycraft and you have some free time to devote it to creation, then try to make these simple Christmas cards for your own friends and relatives as well as for sale. I can guarantee that these nice handmade cards will be very demanded while beeing cheap and easy to make. Xmas cards ideas: MITTENS To make this xmas card you'll need corrugated cardboard in 3 colours (darkest for the card, same colour, but brighter tone for rectangular basis for mittens and, of course, for mittens); twine; thin white paper to make "snow"; glue and small wooden pins to attach mittens (can be substitute by colourful ribbon). BEARDED SANTA This is a very simple handmade Christmas card that you can make toghether with your children. You'll need cardboard for card; color paper for a hat; paints to paint nose, chicks, mouth; glue and pumponies on a hat and little eyes to attach to the face. SANTA'S DEERS You'll need cardboard for card; brown paint to print deers' heads (put your thumb in a paint and then attach to the card); fel-tip pen to paint horns; small pumponies for noses; glue and little eyes to attach to the face. CHRISTMAS BALLS WITH PHOTOS Congratulate your beloved ones with Christmas and New Year and share you best familly photos. You'll need cardboard for card; color paper to make ball holder; your favourite photo; twine and glue. You can also decorate the ball with glitters, sequins etc.

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