Successful business idea for tourism - corruption tours

unique travel agency Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon but most people do not know what it looks like. From time to time we hear about bureaucrats caught with bribe, but that's probably all we know about this plague of XXI century. Thanks to quick-witted Czech entrepreneurs and their interesting business idea we all now have a chance to look at this phenomenon a bit closer and to study it from the inside. The Corrupt Tour, a Prague-based travel agency which opened in February 2012, offers a totally different look at the Czech capital. Their route don't include Charles Bridge, Valclav Square and other crowded tourist spots. Their guides offer guests of Prague to experience the scandal and sleaze of the Czech political system. The Czech Republic is a former communist country and it has undergone through major changes of political and economical life over the last few decades. Still some of the institutions were fighting hard to remain closed and to continue making dodgy deals. There are a lot of places in Prague tied to scandals and that's where The Corrupt Tour will bring you. Besides, tour program includes a visit to villas and estates of entrepreneurs linked to big estate contracts and involved in corruption schemes. Travel agency offers 3 different corruption packages, each for 2-3 hours and at a mere sum of 25 EUR/ per pax. The founder of this unique business Petr Šourek aims to offer not just an entertaining tour but also new insight into the widespread problem of corruption.

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