Top 5 unique alarm clocks

strange alarm clock Following the post "Top 10 most bizarre alarm clocks" I give you another portion of unique alarm clocks that will sure become a bestseller in your shop! #1 Money Shredding Alarm Clock hi tech alarm clock This hi tech alarm clock is the most sure-fire way to get yourself out of bed in the morning. If you do not wake up on time and hit the "Off" button, your alarm clock will start slowly shredding the bill inserted inside it. The fear of losing money will surely cheer you up! #2 Pugnacious Alarm Clock strange alarm clock Alarm Aphelion has its own unique way to fight sleepyheads. In response to the plaintive "Another 10 minutes, pleeeeaaaaseee..." it hits throws a little ball in your face. And even if the ball doesn't reach your face, Aphelion will not stop ringing until you find the ball and put it back. #3 Bacon Alarm Clock unusual alarm clock Wake-oven Wake n 'Bacon from designer Matty Seylina lure couch potatoes with delicious smell of bacon, which hints at the breakfast. This is much more humanely, isn't it? #4 Mathematical Alarm Clock unusual alarm clock There are people with humanities mind who simply hate mathematics. This hi tech alarm clock is designed specially for them! In the morning, when clock starts to ring, numbers and mathematical signs appear on two screens. To switch off the alarm, you must enter the correct answer. Very effective way to wake up as you'll hardly be able to asleep after countless attempts to solve of the equation. #5 Oh, oh, you're in the army now unusual alarm clock Roth, the rise! This unusual alarm clock will make the greatest impression on those who have been in the army as it wakes you up with the commands and harsh voice. Rough, but effective!

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