Cheap business idea - unique T-shirt designs

T-shirt is an essential part of everyday clothes of nearly every man in US, Europe or wherever. There are hardly any men wear company that ignores this clothing item when preparing new collection. Besides, there are many companies that are specializing in T-shirts omly: funny prints, interesting designs, unusual color combinations. Yet there's still plemty of space on this busy "T-shirt market" for those who can offer a truly creative and unique T-short design. Here are some great examples of how to make a profitabel business on unusual T-shirts. Nr. 1 Think Geek e-shop sells T-shirts with real playable music sinthesizers with professional quality sound on them. Nr. 2 Atypyk e-shop offers a very weird T-shirt design that can be a perfect visual material to study human body's anatomy. Well, the upper part of it. The price is quiet high, but it;s definitely worth it! Nr. 3 Youngprimitive Czech fashion shop plays with a theme of terrorists which is extremely popular nowadays. Designers have a great sense of humor and know how to make an attractive clothing using the very minimum of design techniques. Nr. 4 An artist and designer Dave Rittinger offers a unique concept of how to become a part of moribund autumn nature – T-shirt made of colorful autumn leaves. Seems like a great green business idea! Nr. 5 The mountain retail store came up with a wide range of animal face T-shirts. Choose from wolf, bulldog, gorilla and other faces to release the beast inside you!

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