Ideas for restaurant business - pay-per-hour café

unusual restaurant We all know that the majority of unique restaurant business ideas come from Japan. Japanese entrepreneurs have truly unlimited imagination and the courage to implement even the most bizarre business idea. Yet this time a very unusual restaurant was opened in other part of the world – Russia. Recently a unique café was opened in Moscow, the capital of Russia. There you don't paid for the order, you pay for the time spent in the cafe. The price is very reasonable – 1,5 rubles (about $0,06) per minute or 90 rubles (about $3) per hour. Everything else is free. The name of this café speaks for itself – anti-café 'Butterflies" means that this place is not exactly a café, but people are lured by this place like butterflies by the fire. Café offers visitors a quiet meeting room, a cozy theater with ottomans, a huge hall, where you can see all the guests and two quieter corridor, non-alcoholic bar with a large selection of tea, coffee, cookies, buns and even cakes with cream. The most interesting part is that you can come with your own food and drinks. Guests can also enjoy a range of board games, Xbox, mafia, fresh newspapers and wi-fi. For the last few years, with the growth of number of freelancers and people, who work outside the office, the demand for cozy places where you can spend hours working or relaxing has bloomed. This growing business trend promises high profits to those, who will use it clever and anti-café "Butterfly" is a great example of how it should be done.

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