Top 3 business ideas in crisis

successful business World economic crisis which started in late 2007- early 2008 still keeps challenging businesses worldwide. Competition is tough, people undergo the fear of being dismissed and are very cautious and tight-fisted when it comes to spending money on goods and services. Still there are entrepreneurs who dare to start new business even during these hard days. Of course there are several conditions under which their business can succeed – low investments, low maintainance expenses, interesting business idea which could spread out without massive (and expensive) advertising. Seems to be too hard to satisfy all the conditions? Not all! And here's the top 3 business ideas in crisis that I wouldn't doubt to recommend. 1. Hired dancers The party has just started, DJ plays his better sets, but the dance floow remains empty. Familiar situation, ah? Well, now this is no longer a problem in Germany. Berlin-based company Be My Dancer started a unique business – they hire people who are paid to break the dance floor ice. The Be My Dancer crew can be rented solo or as a team and each dancer costs around €40 an hour. Dancers are trained to suit any occasion – from cha cha session to themed tango evening. 2. Cow meditation A Dutch farmer, CornĂ© de Regt, invented a great idea for new business – a retreat for stressed businessmen on his own farm near German border. There would be nothing unusual in this countryside retreats is owner wouldn't come up with one very peculiar service – meditation with cows. Group of retreat's guests gathers together in cow stall, sit on hay bales and meditate alongside with animals. Some complain about the smell, but Mr. de Regt says it's also a part of meditation – all senses have to be involved to achieve the best result. 3. Separation agency Famous French writer Frederic Beigbeder claims that "love lasts three years". Can't say I totally agree, but there certainly is a term when some relationships do not bring satisfaction and joy anymore. Yet many people find it truly challenging to say "I don't love you no more" to the person who once was the most precious in the world. Well, Germans are here to help once again! Meet another Berlin-based company The Separation Agency who's bizarre business is based on saying these tough words instead of you. For a mere sum of €29.95 agency's employee will conduct the split over the telephone, for €64.95 he/she will meet your ex-beloved in person. No matter which option you choose, employees will make sure you and your ex stay on friendly term.

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