Unique business idea - brainstorm fabric in motion

The hardest thing in starting a profitable business is to find the right business idea. But what if you don't have any? Then start a business on helping others with finding these great ideas. Elias Bizannes, a native Australian founded first business laboratory in motion – StartupBus. Elias and his friends from back home once decided to meet up by chartering a bus from San Francisco to the annual SXSW music and technology festival in Austin, Texas.They had to spend quiet a long time on road, so Elias proposed to use the bus time for brainstorm a business plan. Bizannes created a simple website to raise some money to fund the trip, but the idea got so popular, that within few days he had $30,000 and applications to participate in the trip. The idea worked perfectly and now Elias Bizannes runs half a dozen Startup Buses all over the country. The experience of Elias Bizannes shows once again that the majority of successful business ideas start as a hobby or even as a joke. Just don't be afraid to give it a try!

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