Top 5 unique hotels in Japan

weird unique hotel Japan is a motherland of many weird products, bizarre services as well as unusual hotels. The imagination and hardihood of Japanese entrepreneurs seem to have no limits, so I guess I'll continue to post new oddities from Japan once in awhile for your pleasure and entertainment.
weird hotel 1. Capsule Inn Akihabara, Tokyo The capsule unit is made of reinforced plastic and designed as jet airplane's cockpit. Each "room" features all necessary amenities: TV, radio, alarm clock, adjustable lighting etc. Capsule Hotel also offers a range of additional services: WiFi internet access, luggage storage and lounge bar. Accommodation costs about $30/ per night while traditional hotel rooms prices varies from $60-100 and up. Similar capsule hotels also work in other major Japanese cities like Osaka.
unusual hotel 2. Queen Elizabeth Love Hotel, Kanagawa Japan is full of love hotels – lodgings that can be rented only by couples by the hour for a quick private getaway. Love Hotel in Kanagawa, near Tokyo, is one of the most popular. The design of this unique hotel is inspired by the famous Queen Elizabeth ship. While the façade of the hotel is painted in pink and red, rooms have naval theme.
bizarre hotel 3. Pamplona Hotel, Osaka Another love hotel is situated in the Dotonbori district of Osaka and is totally unique. All the interiors are sex-themed and each room has a unique design. There is a 'party room' resembling a torture chamber and an S&M room with a round caged bed.
unique hotel 4. Hoshino Resort Risonare, Kobuchizawa A peaceful place to relax in the Japanese Alps at the foot of Mount Yatsugatake. This green hotel is a modern interpretation of Italian medieval walled city with fantastic oval 'Leaf Chapel', that is a popular choice for weddings and other special events. Rooms rates start from $135, but cheap holiday deals are available on National holidays and other festive days.
unusual hotel 5. Benesse Art Site, Naoshima A totally unique facility that combines the functions of both museum and hotel. The complex is situated on the tiny island in Japan's Inland Sea merging beautiful nature, contemporary art and modern architecture. Each room has a stunning view at the sunsets and sunrises above the sea and will cost you from $300 - $900 a night.

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