Top 10 ideas for successful business „on wheels”

Costs for office rent, electricity, internet, telephone and advertising eat up almost all the profits from a small business. If that's the problem that you are desperate to solve, then think about a radical yet very rational solution – put your business on wheels. Make it mobile and forget about advertising! Here's the top 10 of successful business ideas that already work and bring profits: 1. Mobile sauna Unusual business idea from Russia – old truck is converted into a quality Finnish sauna which can be used anywhere where you need it – at the seaside, in the city center or right next to your house's front door. 2. The Parra and Stones Throw Pop Up Truck Truck moves around LA and mix people's two great loves - T-shirts and delicious ice cream. 3. Rolling in Dough Pizza Co A mobile pizza truck with a wood-fired oven that caters parties on Long Island and in New York City 4. Mo-bile Suds Laundry Service Transportable laundry unit staffed by a team of four employees. It is available for military, hospital and hotel support, and all disaster relief as well as for private work. 5. CloakVroom Fully mobile coat-check room in a custom-fitted truck available for any type of corporate event. 6. World Fare restaurant A restaurant on a vintage double-decker bus 7. Exploranter This overland hotel weaves its way through Brazil, Argentina, and Chile on custom-made sightseeing tours. 8. Tom Wood's beer Operation-in-truck brewery 9. Maui Shower The premier mobile shower company in America that supplies showers for some of the biggest events such as concerts and festivals. 10. Mobile cleaning of pillows with natural filling A truck offering dry cleaning for pillows with natural filling that operates in various Russian cities, providing quick and quality cleaning service.

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