Unusual business idea for city touring

I have already mentioned several times that I work in travel business and that explains my huge interest to all the unusual travel business ideas. I've already wrote about unique tours of Brazil on Explorer truck and about blind tours of Lisbon as well as about many other interesting business ideas for travel industry. Well, here's another source of inspiration to those who is in search of new travel products. Sock Mob Events, a UK based company, launched Unseen Tours of London project. This project aims to provide tourists with a truly unique view of the city - tours are led by homeless Londoners which are carefully trained as guides. Group is taken on an entertaining walk through the street of London and tour guides speaks about the city as well as about his own story and experience, giving participants a view of the city through the lens of homelessness while introducing a new social consciousness into commercial walking tours. Price varies from 5 to 8 GBP, but two free places are always set aside for people, who are unable to pay. This business idea combines some of hottest business trends for 2011 - responsible business, a social touch and unusual approach to quiet an ordinary product. Bravo!

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