Earning on restroom reviews

Nice sunny day somewhere in London, lots of Guinness, leisurely strolls through the crowded streets... It seems that nothing can spoil your mood, that there's one thing that can surely turn this paradise in hell – the lack of public toilets. Luckily Internet now features one unique project that can help you solve such thorny problem. It all started as a peculiar blog about public toilets. Uk bloggers Danika Landers and Jonathan Glanz did not think about turning it into a commercial project, but soon blog got really popular and needed a new form of presentation. That's when SitorSquat appeared. It's a database of more then 90 000 restrooms in countries around the world with a list-based and map search and iPhone application. Database is constantly growing with a help of userbase and so do traffic. Public toilet search system might seem quiet a bizarre idea for business, but SitorSquat's rapid development shows that this idea is actually very promising and could be profitable.

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