During the last decade we observe a growing business trend – multifunctional goods and services. Mobile phone is no longer a phone, it's a mix of PC, mp3, planner, camera etc. All services, even such simple as haircut have a lot of extras that do not always make this service better.Gordon Logan, a US entrepreneur decided to go against the trend and succeeded. Georgetown, TX-based Sport Clips Inc. has grown to 400 stores in 32 states in 16 years and currently is one of the most fast-growing franchises on US market. Gordon Logan, the owner and founder of sports-themed men only hair salons started his successful business back in 1995. The old-style barbershops were closing up, but he found that men still wanted a place to get their hair cut and feel comfortable. So, Mr. Logan decided to sit them in front of a TV and let them watch sport channels while they their haircut. This unique business niche turned out to be a real treasure and Sport Clips salons continue to appear all over the country each month. The formula of Sport Clip company's success is simple – take an ordinary, traditional business, leave aside all the unnecessary extras and offer your customer a simple and understandable service. Mr. Logan proved that it works perfectly!

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