Successful internet business - bloging about planking

It has been awhile since I wrote about some interesting online business ideas. That's a pitty and Internet is an unlimited source of inspiration for entrepreneurs as well as a massive market for a successful business. If you have planned to start your own small internet business, then the first place you should visit is Google Insights – a tool that helps to search for the most popular and rapidly growing trends. Recently one of the trendiest searches in Google is "planking". Wonder what it is? Planking is a modern Australian phenomena – photos of people lying face down with arms at the side in unusual places. Formally this game is called "the laying down game" and it produce surprising and often bizarre photos that entertain millions of Internet users. Facebook page "Planking Australia| has drawn in "likes" from more than 10,000 people in a very short period. Actually planking is not an authentic Australian entertainment. It started several years ago in Europe and Japan, where it was known as "the lying down game" and conquered Australia after it was recently featured on The Footy Show. Planking got so popular and people search for any kind of information about this game so often, that a site about planking would surely become a highly profitable business. Just create a simple site explaining what is planking, posting planking pictures etc., add advertising and watch your PayPal account getting filled up.

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