Interesting pet business - animal casting agency

The most profitable and highly popular entertainment of XXI century is cinema. Cinema makes money and stars, gives fun and pleasure. That's why a huge industry works for it. If you also dream about starting your unusual business on this market, then seriously consider this interesting business idea. Alya Somkina, cinema producer from Russia, established a casting agency for animal-actors "Animal-film". Her office performs mediation function: connecting pet owners (private owners) with those film makers who are in desperate need of an unusual actor. But the most interesting and crucial point of this unusual business is that Alya and her colleagues have to "persuade" an animal to perform, to fulfil director's task. That's why they have to be entrepreneurs, trainers and masters of ethology - science that studies animals' psychology. This business would suit someone who love animals, knows how to handle them and would love to use this knowledge to establish an unusual business.

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