Top 10 world's most unusual and bizarre products

There are so many products out there that really shouldn't be invented and produced. Here's my top 10 of world's most bizarre products. 1. Better Marriage Blanket Nighttime flatulence might become a major problem for marriage. Maybe even a good reason for divorce. But it's no longr a problem with Better Marriage Blanket - a blanket that absorbs flatulence odors. 2. Phone Fingers It's not that easy adjust to a new touch-screen device. If you have this problem, then get yourself a pair of Phone Fingers for mere $12. Round eyes of friends and colleagues watching how you put them on to make a phone call comes as a bonus. 3. Loo Read Some people use WC as a place to enjoy fresh newspaper although it's not very easy to hold it. The Loo Read device is designed for narrow bathrooms and looks like a shelf that you can pull out and use to hold a newspaper. 4. Nightingale bird poop (Uguisu No Fun) Japanese believe that a poop of the pretty Nightingale bird has an enzyme that lightens and nourishes skin. Chidoriya brand carries it in powder form which you reconstitute with water and use as a face mask. 5. Eye glue Oh, those weird Japanese again! Anime culture popularizes the image of a big eyed girl and young ladies dreams of having their narrow eyes widen. A new product, Eye glue, creates a double eye lid or an eye lid crease. A small plastic "fork" is included in the packet to push and pull the eye lid skin until you've got a crease height that you like. 6. F cup cookie Big breasts is an ideal of many ladies with A or B cups. A plastic surgery is no longer needed. A tasty cookie with an extract of Pueraria Mirifica (Thai herb with an estrogenic ingredient) will be the surgery's job. At least they claim so.... 7. Edible Shoe Cream Greenfibes eco goods and garments designed an organic edible shoe cream. Spread it on a shoe or put on your toast, it's good either way. 8. Pollution-Sensitive Dress The pollution-sensitive 'EPA Dress' by Stephanie Sandstrom. When your pretty dress detects pollution in the air it wrinkles and get the dirty look. I definitely wouldn't recommend to wear it to a business meeting. 9. Golden Spray Allows to cover your favorite products with edible gold and make gives them a totally glamorous look. 10. Coffee inhaler Device from Lee Vifa sprays microparticles of coffee straight into your mouth.

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