Top 5 unusual pizza box designs

Sometimes all you need to boost sales is to change the presence of your good – clients will be more likely to choose it over others and mass media will ensure you a free of charge advertising. Unusual pizza box designs are a good example of such marketing strategy. And here's my own top 5 of most interesting pizza boxes: 1. Simple and elegant pizza box design for those who like to live it green. This interesting pizza box is made of woven bamboo, which can be easily recycled. 2. This pizza should be devilishly tasty to justify the packaging. 3. This company seems to have a good excuse for any delay in delivery. 4. This funny pizza box design shows that pizzeria's owner do have a good sense of humor. 5. And here's a really weird pizza box design. For me drawing a fat man on a pizza box is something similar to a warning "Smoking kills" on a cigarette pack.

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