Unusual hotel business idea - bike hostel

In 2010 a new unusual hostel opened its doors in St. Petersburg – first Russian bike hostel "Hostel Bed & Bike". In addition to comfortable rooms guests are offered rented bikes, maps and sightseeing routes to get to know the city. Owners of this hostel are fans of cycling and do everything they can to promote this convenient and environmentally friendly transport. Alex Kaznakov, a 23-year old pr-manager of "Hostel Bed & Bike" tells about this interesting business idea: How did you came up with idea to combine hostel and bike rental service? My friends and I are truly fond of travelling and often choose low cost options. We stayed in many hostels in different cities in Russia and other countries. At some point we decided to use that experience and build the perfect hostel. Own bikes - it is a necessary attribute. There are not so many rentals in our city and to see St. Petersburg by bike is a unique opportunity! Is it convenient to move around the city by bike? Our guests from different cities say that St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city and it's a pity that it is not very suitable for cycling. For example you can't enter Peter & Paul fortress by bicycle. Shopping centres also usually do not provide any parking for bikes. We want to change that. We work with different cycling clubs, arrange bike races and other activities to draw attention to this problem and to begin a conversation about the interests of cyclists. Does hostel have own bikes? Our hostel can accommodate 20 people at once and we have 20 bikes. If we are planning a mass event then, of course, we cooperate with bike rental offices. Do you advise visitors what to see in St. Petersburg? Of course! On hostel's web page we write about interesting exhibitions, film screenings, provide links to sites which feature English language. We also have specially developed routes for our visitors. These routes are included in a "bike package". Everyone who plans to stay in our hostel can get this special bed + bicycle package. In addition, our phones are working 24 hours a day and we are always ready to suggest something for tourists such as how to get to the other side of Neva river if bridges are lit. Site: http://www.bedandbike.ru

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