Successful restaurant business idea - Heart Attack Grill

Scientists all over the world work hard on new researches regarding the harmful consequences of fast food. Newspapers and blogs continue to publish articles on necessity of healthy lifestyle. Does all this effect profits of fast food restaurants? I doubt it! Such restaurants enjoy sustainable popularity and hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs earn their living on this successful business idea. Heart Attack Grill, Dallas, Texas, was founded in 2005 by Jon Basso a former personal fitness trainer and nutritionist and its slogan says "Taste worth Dying For". This hospital themed restaurant claims to serve the most unhealthy food in USA. The biggest item on the menu is called "Quadruple Bypass Burger"and consists of 2 pounds of meat patties, tomatoes, onion, cheese and 16 slices of bacon – totally 8000 calories per portion. Heart Attack Grill became extremely popular as this place brings the idea of fast food to the absurd, making it fresh and appealing. I'm pretty sure that this trick can be used in any other business niche, you just need to be daring and creative enough.

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