Unusual web shop - Sterwijnenthuis wine discounter

That's a well-known fact, that high class restaurants sometimes sell average priced wines 2, 3 or even 4 times more expensive. Actually, it never was a big problem as restaurants usually choose those wines which can't be found on supermarket shelves and customer can hardly image the real price for the bottle he chooses. Now things have changed, at least in the Netherlands thanks to an interesting business idea by local entrepreneur Gijs den Hollander. Dutch web shop Sterwijnenthuis that was launched only few months ago, in March 2011, already created a big buzz among restaurateurs and even faced some legal action threatens. You wonder why? Well, this unusual web shop has a unique business concept. Sterwijnenthuis sells the very same wines that 60 top-rated Dutch restaurants, but at an absolutely different, much lower prices. You can search for your favourite wine by name and even choose a restaurant and select a bottle from their wine list. Site also offers sommelier advices and results of taste tests. I can fully understand restaurateurs concerns as transparency in business nearly always lead to reduction of prices and, consequently, decrease in profits. Yet customers will definitely benefit from this situation and should be grateful to creators of this unique business idea.

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