Cool business idea – oversized eyewear

unique business America's expanding waistline represents plenty of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs with products and services aimed for big guys: clothes, shoes, bikes, dating services etc. Today I have stumbled upon another great business idea which I'm glad to share with you! Rico Elmore, 37 from Newcastle Ind., is a big guy who once faced a big problem – finding the right sun glasses. In search of a suitable pair he tried out several hundreds and left the shop with empty hands. This disappointment was a boost he needed to start a business. Rico Elmore founded a company called Fatheadz that makes and sells oversized sun glasses and optical eyewear for individuals with larger heads. Company was founded back in 2005 and was steadily growing till reached a $2 million turnover and got a contract with Walmart. This example proves once again that the best source for successful business ideas lies in your own needs and problems. If you struggle with an issue and know that this problem is quiet common – don't hesitate to take everything in your hands and start making money on helping yourself and others!

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