Restaurant business niche - one-touch order

restaurant business idea Sometimes you have too much work or just feel too lazy to cook or to go to the nearby restaurant, yet hunger is right there. That's when you usually remember about the pizza delivery and search for your favorite pizzeria's phone number. It's not very complicated, to pick up the phone and make a phone call, but some shifty entrepreneurs from Dubai came up with an interesting business idea which makes this process even simpler. Red Tomato Pizza from Dubai, UAE, supply its clients with VIP Fridge Magnet – a fridge magnet with one-touch pizza ordering button. Upon pushing the button this device connects the Internet using bluethooth and contacts pizzeria. Then a text message is immediately sent to your phone to confirm the order (to avoid small children ordering dozens of pizzas per hour). And within a short time you get your favourite pizza, which you have chosen on pizzeria's site upon signing up for this service. Easy, quick and without the hassle! Competition among restaurants in any big city is severe and to win a place in the sun you need to find a profitable business niche. Something that would help you to stand out among your competitors. A one-touch food ordering button is a great business idea that would suit any restaurant which offer food delivery service.

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