Successful IT business - viral video ads platform

viral video ads Everything's for sale in the 21st century! PR, advertising and marketing rules the world and even your tweets and Facebook posts cost a certain sum. A new internet startup came up with IT business idea for social network users which will allow them to earn some extra cash without any special efforts. Wingsplay, a startup launched in March by Olivier Lasry connect viral video advertisers and pays its users to share video ads on their social networks. Anyone can earn money by sharing up to four video ads per week. The payment model is cost per view (CPV). This advertising platform already features such big names as NBC and Oxygen. The idea of viral advertising via social networks is not new. But putting it on commercial basis like Wingsplay did sure is a new innovation and I'm pretty confident that this unique business model will prove to be very successful for both advertisers and platform users (influencers as WIngsplay call them)!

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