How to change career: 5 basic steps to your hobby career

turn hobby into career Surely you know the expression "turn your hobby into a career and won't have a single working day in your life" and a couple of similar statements. Many people are stuck in their everyday routine, spending 8 to 5 at the office, doing work that doesn't bring any satisfaction. These people doubt that any changes are possible and live from weekend to weekend, from one holiday to another. Yes, it's not that easy to turn your hobby into a career or even into a profitable business. Yet there's nothing impossible if you have strong desire and see the aim! So, if you want to join the fortunate minority of people who work with great pleasure, doing things they truly like, this article is for you! Still not convinced? Ok, then a few examples from my own life. My good friend worked as an engineer in accordance with his education. This wasn't his dream job, but he was more or less satisfied. But there were things he really enjoyed - photography and graphic design. It was only a hobby, but he started to spend more and more time developing his skills and knowledge. And if you want something badly – the whole world helps you! Soon he got first offer to join an editorial office as a photographer. The he took a position of designer and these days he is a successful designer and a happy man. Similar thing happened with my other friend. He was a sales manager, mid-level and doing his job diligently yet without any inspiration. Results were appropriate – no promotion and no satisfaction from work. That was when he decided to change his life radically and ... went into dancing. Off it went. It is now 10 years since he took this life changing decision and now he is a successful, respected, and most importantly - happy professional owning his own dance school. Did I convince you? Do you feel like all these changes in my friends' lives were for good sake? If your answer is yes, then here 5 basic step for career change: 1. Determine the type of activity. If you have a hobby - great! If not - sad, but not a big problem. Decide on activities you like or at least remember what you dreamed about as a child. Open yourself and find your true interests! 2. Engage in a hobby. Immerse yourself as much as possible in your favorite area. So you can see how strong your interest is and whether you want to do this for the rest of your life (or at least for some few next years). 3. Explore the market. Find out what companies or organizations might need some of your skills or knowledge. What is the demand for such specialists? Consider all options: from position at the company to private courses or own business. 4. Act! A rolling stone gathers no moss! Develop your skills and keep looking for ways to apply them and get paid. Meet people working in your area, visit courses and seminars, take notice of all new tendencies and trends. 5. Be enthusiastic. It's not enough to just like what you do. Be passionate! Set goals, celebrate little victories every day, even if your achievement is tiny. You should have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve, a picture in front of your eyes. Knock on the door and sooner or later it will open! And I wish you all the good luck!

Source - Business Ideas