Green business idea for 2011 - cab 4 one

It's hard to imagine big city life without taxis. In some cities, like NY (US) or London (UK) they have even become a certain symbols, some sort of tourist attraction. But, unfortunately, this convenient and essential service is far from being environmental friendly… According to statistics taxis spend much of their time carrying just one passenger yet carbon emission is quiet serious. Taking into account that green business ideas are getting more and more popular, there should appear an alternative. And now there is. British company Cab 4 One now offers taxi service by Smart Four Two Passion Cdi - the "greenest" conventionally powered car on British roads. It has low fuel consumption and tiny carbon dioxide emissions what makes Cab 4 One very truly environmental friendly taxi. A lot of eco businesses appear in Europe and US each month, but to me Cab 4 One seems the best green business idea for 2011: simple to realize, socially responsible, profitable and it really helps in a never-ending fight with pollution.

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