Unusual home business idea - bacon scented candles

Homemade scented candles is among most popular women business ideas. Yet today I've found out that this traditional small business can be much more interesting and much more innovative then I could imagine! A 13-year-old Hart Main from ohio started his own scented candle business. And not just any floral or fruity aroma. His line is called Man Cans and candles smells as bacon, pizza or leather baseball mitt. "I created ManCans when my sister was selling candles for school and I realized how much I hated those girly scents," Main says. Hart makes the candles in his kitchen from empty soup cans (he donated the soup to a soup kitchen). The brown wrapper is made of recycled paper. This unique business idea shows how easily you can succeed by combining two most popular business trends for 2011 – "go green" and "ordinary thing, extraordinary approach".

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