Unique business idea - baggage-free traveling service

It's a dream that's probably flitted through everyone's mind at some point: to travel completely baggage-free. Just imagine – no heavy bags to check-in, no additional fees, no need to lose your time waiting for the check-in luggage to arrive. Now, thanks to Catharine MacIntosh, this can be realized easily! Catharine MacIntosh is a founder of an Australian based company Zero Baggage that offers travelers to rent clothes and other essentials at their final destination point. Online tools provide users with opportunity to fill virtual suitcase and the real suitcase with your chosen goods will be waiting for you at your hotel room. Currently Zero Baggage operates only in some Australian cities and in Canadian Toronto, but, hopefully, company will expand and soon we all will get a chance for baggage-free trips. Meanwhile think about starting a similar small business in your region as this unique idea surely has a great potential!

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