Success story - self-publishing millionaire

There's a section "Success stories" on my blog that I haven't been updating for quiet awhile as there are not so many interesting stories of commercial success to tell. Well, today I've found one that really deserves attention. I wonder why I didn't hear about this successful business before, but anyway, it's better to post the story late, then to don't post it at all. Amanda Hocking, the 26-year-old from Minnesota is a self-publishing star, who sold almost a million electronic copies of her paranormal romance books and earned close to $2 million. Ms. Hocking began self-publishing her books, urban fantasy novels, last year, selling them through online retailers like and for $2.99 or $0.99. Hocking's popularity in the Internet got enormous and transformed her into a spokeswoman for the practice of self-publishing, which allows authors to sell their books directly to readers without the help of a traditional publisher. But becoming is symbol of self-publishing authors is not the only advantage she got from getting famous. The other good news is that Amanda signed a contract for a four-book series to traditional publishers and now she'll finally have a possibility to be just a writer and don't waist efforts and time for promotion and editing. Ms. Hocking's story once again proved that if you have a goal in life (to become a writer, for example), don't sit and wait for fate to provide a chance. Just start doing something, search for opportunities, try out different strategies and your success will find you soon!

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