Bizarre restaurant business idea - gourmet menu for plants

Restaurant for pets, for gay couples, gothic admirers, black & white movie fans and many others are opened all other the world. Not all of them gain popularity, nevertheless new unusual themed restaurant are announced regularly as this business idea has very good commercial potential. Today I'm going to write about, probably, the most bizarre themed restaurant I've ever heard of. "Photosynthetic Restaurant", world's first restaurant for plants is situated in the luxuriant 19th Century gardens of the Crocker Art Museum, under the supervision of experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats. Light-filtering panels serve up "prepared" sunlight to the plants, allowing them to taste wavelengths one at a time, instead the usual spectral mess. All Keat's recipes are based on the scientific study of plant physiology, applied to the fine art of cuisine. He even tried them out on his own plants at home, and it pretty sure that they responded. Actually, I'm not sure whether this idea has something to do with real business, but it sure is a peculiar one!

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