Unique beauty business idea – customized cosmetics

The natural capitalist evolution goes towards selling one mass product to a wide range of customers for better profitability. Yet latest trends show that when it comes to shopping people appreciate more tailored services and customized products that better suit their individual needs and demands. A brother and sister, two pharmacists from Paris, France, started their own successful business using this growing business trend. They believe that every skin is unique and so in 2006 they created a technology that allows customers to customize the skin care product. Their company, Codage, offers just two products – 'Nutri-out' and 'Nutri-in'. The former is the personalized serum consisting of concentrated deeply nourishing actives. The latter is composed of customized nutritional supplements that nourish the skin from the inside. It's a very simple and, meanwhile, very effective concept. Considering the complex research, development and production that go into each product, prices are incredibly reasonable starting at around 25€ for 15ml of nutri-out and 12€ for a month's nutri-in. I can hardly think of a product that consumers wouldn't want to customize, so, use your imagination and create the design-your-own innovation for your own successful small business!

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