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The hottest business trend for 2011 is fusion – take various business ideas, melt them down and prepare something completely new and unusual. I already wrote about hair salon combined with sport bar and laundromat-café. My story today is also about this kind of unique business idea from Australia. Shirt Bar (Sydney, Australia) is a hybrid of a shirt store with a trendy bar. Customers can choose and buy high quality shirt or tie while sipping whisky. During the day when all lights are on Shirt Bar feels more like a store and café, but at night the lights dim and it feels like a perfect place for a pleasant meeting with friends. The bar counter is padded with leather, there are leather sofas and metal tables with metal chairs, soul and blues music is playing, the staff wear crisp shirts. Co-owners Justin and Louka Marmot come from a fashion family who started the shirt brand Ganton and their partner Adam Hofbauer has a passion for coffee and whisky. "Everything has been tailored to that type of atmosphere where people can sit down and have a scotch on leather arm chairs," says Hofbauer. "And, if they want, they can get measured up for a shirt." This business idea seems pretty fresh and appealing, so, who's going to be the first one to open such place in US?

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