Top 5 world's most unusual professions

In 2008 I already posted a top of most unusual jobs in the world. Since then I've stumbled upon many other unique professions and here they are. 1. Egg trayer If you choose this unusual profession, then your tas for every working day will be to insert trays of 48 dozen eggs into a large mobile unit that is wheeled into a huge incubator. You'll have to set the temp and make a warm welcome for newborn baby chicks in a couple of weeks. This job is not only weird, it is also extremely boring... 2. Coffee/tea taster The tea and coffee manufacturing companies spend millions to improve the taste of drinks and they need people who are able to evaluate the quality. A dream job for a true coffee/ tea lover. And well paid, by the way! 3. Greeting card writers Greetings cards are usually supplied with a nice poetry or a funny congratulation. These text don't appear by themselves, there are people who are paid for writing them. 4. Oyster shucker This is definitely the most bizarre job on my list. Oyster shucker is a person who's one and only task is to one oysters for a visitors of a bar or restaurant. 5. Pet psychologist Do you love spending time with animals? Are you willing to do whatever necessary to ensure they are both healthy and happy? Interested in solving feline and canine behaviour problems? Then that's a job for you!

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