Profitable business idea - selling alibis

Hey, guys! Sorry for such a long silence! I was away for holidays, but now I'm back and ready to amaze you with new unique business ideas. Need an excuse to avoid a visiting mother-in-law? How about an alibi to cover up an affair? For those who can keep their conscience clear, an Illinois based company will provide everything necessary to help someone lie. Alibi Networks, founded by Michael DeMarco, profides clients with doctors notes, business e-mails, and emergency phone calls to create an alibi for any situation. Consultants create cover-ups for any legal activity from calling in sick to work to "virtual employment" for those who are embarrassed to be jobless. Costs for cover-ups range anywhere from $75 to $1,500 depending on a depth of deceit. I guess from time to time we all need a good excuse to give ourselves a break or to avoid an unpleasant situation. Sometimes we can also use a lie to avoid hurting other people's feelings. Then why would pay for it? And people do pay, so I'm pretty sure that such interesting business idea has great potential. It's just a matter of time for similar companies to appear so don't miss your chance, be the first in your town to start earning money on selling alibis!

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