Unique IT business - unusual gift service for Twitter fans

unique gift Social networks have become a very important part of our everyday life and it would be foolish and shortsighted to ignore the business opportunities they bring. Many entrepreneurs come up with interesting business ideas based on social networks, like, for instance, photo mugs with images from Twitter and FB that I wrote about few months ago. Now there'll be another great business idea for Twitter in my blog. Twitter users will now be able to please their friends with a very unusual gift – 4 rools of toilet paper with tweets for reading, wiping or whatever. The U.S. company Collector's Edition launched a service called Shitter. One of the founders, David Gillespie explained that there are so many senseless tweets in Twitter, that they decided to find them a better and much more appropriate use. The service is available to any microblog user. To get four rolls of toilet paper with printed messages, you need to send your Twitter data to Shitter account, select one of the design options and place an order. This unique gift costs $ 35 plus delivery. All payments are carried out via PayPal. I hope Twitter users will appreciate the humor of creators of this unique business. At least I'd be happy to get such gift and, probably, wouldn't mind to order rolls with my own tweets for one of my friends. At least this will be a long remembered gift. J

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