Interesting business niche for laundromats

In times of world economic crisis business suffer falling profitability and number of customers. New innovative ideas and more modern approach are needed to survive and to keep the level of self-repayment. If your business was working on a classical basis, then it's time for you to restructure and find an unusual business niche. Wash & Coffee Laundromat from Munich is a perfect example of how to market and to attract new clients. Wash & Coffee is a new laundromat and social gathering place with clean design. Foremost it provides customers with perfect amenities for washing: energy efficient programmable washers and dryers from, quality detergent products from and staff which can answer any laundry question. While laundry is being done, customers can relax in the lounge and order drinks or snacks from the cafe. Wash & Coffee also hosts an interesting calendar of events. Recently they've had a stand-up comedy night and a Halloween party. Besides, they have also participated as a charity drop-off point for winter clothing donations for the needy in Eastern Europe. Anyone who donated was offered a free coffee from the cafe. All this makes Wash & Coffee an attractive and popular place. But owners of the place go even further - they have built an interesting online presence: a blog which announces upcoming events, a newsletter, and of course social media outreach on Facebook. Laundromats in any country are very much community places but most of them don't even try to evolve. Wash & Coffee is a unique example of innovative approach to a very classical business: interesting business model, online presence, various business areas (café, laundry, event venue). I'm pretty sure these guys can count for great profits!

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