Green business idea - shoes to compost

Both Europe and USA experience the growing interest to a green lifestyle and, therefore, more and more green products appear on the market. There is already a great choice of eco friendly clothes and shoes, but the unique green business idea that I will talk to you today is something totally new and very promising. Amsterdam-based OAT Shoes is a brand-new initiative in green footwear. Company produces shoes made from a combination of natural materials and biodegradable plastics. They're designed to be planted once they've reached the end of their life and this surely is the best and most proper disposal. Company's founder Christiaan Maats says, "It makes sense to make products that are part of the planet we party on. We all like the nice bits in fashion, so why not make those bits fully biodegradable?". OAT Shoes plans to distribute their new line beginning this March, initially throughout Europe only. USA launch will follow later, probably next year. I'm sure OAT Shoes products will be highly demanded and there's no doubt that company will cover all the expenses that they had while developing and sourcing their own materials and processes. Profitability of this green business is evident and I wish them all the good luck in promoting their eco shoes worldwide.

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