Out for blood - unqiue restaurant business idea

You are thinking about starting a small restaurant business? Looking to impress clients? Then, if you're somewhere around Tokyo, visit Vampire Cafe in Ginza for some unique inspiring ideas! The Vampire Cafe is a gothic themed restaurant in the Ginza district of Tokyo where the waitresses dress up in dark French maid outfits and the waiters wear tuxedos as if coming out of a Dracula horror movie. The atmosphere is created by Baroque music and stylish decorations: skulls, crucifixes, candelabras and coffins will make you feel as in a horror movie. All dishes in menu have vampire-like titles and a dinner for two can cost over $110. A tradition of dining out became very popular, people visit a lot of restaurants and get more and more demanding and selective. Good cuisine is already not enough to ensure your restaurant with high profits, so if you're about to start a restaurant business – think about making something similar and I'm sure you won't regret it.

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