Unique business of the future - iFeel_IM! online hugs

The biggest problem of online communication in all those chats, forums and social networks is the lack of real emotions. Yes, of course, there are smiles and other signs that help to make your conversion much more personal, but it's still not enough. There's nothing that can substitute a kiss, a tender touch or a hug. Or is there? Four scientists from Japan (Dzmitry Tsetserukou, Mitsuru Ishizuka, Susumu Tachi and Alena Neviarouskaya) have invented a wearable robot which enables you to really reach out and touch someone through the Internet. This unique device is called iFeel_IM!. It's a collection of sensors, small motors, vibrators and speakers woven into a series of straps similar to a parachute harness. Connected to a computer, the device can simulate several types of heart beat, a realistic hug, the tickling sensation of a butterfly stomach, and a tingling feeling along the spine. Software finds the common phrases embedded in written text and triggers the appropriate touch sensation in the robot in real time. It is able to distinguish joy, fear, anger and sadness with 90 percent accuracy, and parse more complex emotions (adding shame, guilt, disgust, interest and surprise) with a precision of nearly four out of five times. The creation of such device is indeed an extremely hard process, involving time, knowledge and efforts, so I'm not advising you to start researches and production of iFeel_IM! robots. But maybe in time, when scientists will complete testing and start selling these devices, you'll be the first to offer it in your home country. No doubts that iFeel_IM! will sometimes become an efficient part of online communication, so keep your eye on this invention and don't miss this unique business idea!

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