Interesting restaurant concept - one dish menu

I continue to collect unique business ideas for restaurants and here you have my latest finding – L'Entrecôte de Paris. Founded 46 years ago in Paris by wine grower M Gineste de Saurs, whose daughter Mme. Godillot now owns and runs the restaurant, Le Relais de Venise also known as L'Entrecote de Paris centres around one very simple menu a starter of a green salad with walnuts, followed by trimmed sirloin steak and chips with a secret sauce and to finish, a selection of desserts. The most famous aspect of Le Relais de Venise – L'Entrecote's reputation is the secret sauce a recipe that has been in the family for many years. Despite serving only one main dish and offering a very limited selection of wines, the restaurant flourished as, eventually, sometimes it's better to have no choice then bad choice. During lunch time there's a decent queue in front of the restaurant and you better order table in advance to get your portion of their famous steak & chips. This unusual business idea is one of the simplest yet attractive for restaurant owners: choose a dish, bring a cooking technology to perfection and find your dining room packed with clients.

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