Hotel business niche - 48 hour five-star divorce

Wedding business is a market with enormous quantity of service and product suppliers, customers and money. Yet business on divorces is still not that popular. Probably the situation will change shortly as, according to statistics, the percentage of divorces is very high both in Europe, Australia, UK and US. Meanwhile it would be a very keen idea to start a small business on divorces while the competition is low. Jim Halfens from Holland already did so and seems that his unusual business will soon become very profitable. A Dutch company "Heartbreak Hotels" hits the market with a unique business idea – they offer couples a divorce-weekend. Those couples who feel like they are ready to go their own way now have an opportunity to do this in a nice and relaxed way. Warring spouses pay a €2,500 (£2,257) fee and the agency book them two separate rooms in one of Dutch or Belgian five star hotels. While a team of experts take care of all paper work to officially register their divorce, divorcing couple enjoy an unusual holiday and celebrate a beginning of new life. This interesting business idea seems to have great potential and could be developed into something even more ambitious. For example, a special boutique hotel for divorcing couples only where people can not only wait for divorce to be finalized, but also to make new acquaintances and, who knows, form new couples. Such unique hotel solution is not yet realized in any country and maybe you are the one to become a pioneer of "Heartbreak Hotel" business in your region.

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