Women business idea - children spa boutique

You will hardly find a little girl that doesn't dream about becoming a princess, at least for a day. And you will also hardly find a mother that wouldn't do her best to make her daughter's dream come true. Elizabeth Cipolla and Renee Thayer, as the mothers of young girls, know the situation perfectly and were daring and creative enough to start their own unique business on making girly dreams come true. Elizabeth and Renee, two "mom" preneurs from Western New York opened a traveling spa boutique for girls starting from 4 years old "The Polished Princess". Boutique offers mini-manicures and pedicures, guided facials and custom-made themed cakes and other things that are so essential for a truly memorable and chic party. Party can be booked in any location throughout Western New York and parents can choose from two packages. Each package includes spa services, snacks, cake and various entertainments and will cost $280 for 2 hours fun of 4 young ladies. Honestly, this is one of my most favorite unusual business ideas so far. It has all the possible advantages: minimal investments, no office or any rental space needed, interesting concept etc. This interesting business niche has great potential and children spa boutique will surely become a financially successful project!

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