Successful business on motor signs - Safety 1st

I haven't been updating category "Success story" for quiet awhile. I feel that it's time to add another inspiring story to my collection. Michael Lerner's successful business started back in 1984 when he agreed to drive home his 18-month nephew. Michael couldn't follow the road, was very nervous and afraid to get into an accident. He suddenly understood how young mothers feel when driving a car with their babies on board. Same year Michael Lerner started a small business producing motor signs. In the first month he sold over 10 000 signs via several major retailers, for the next nine months this number increased up to a half million. Nowadays Safety 1st company produces a lot of different gadgets, specializing in child safety. Their main advantages are bright packaging, interesting design and competitive price. Safety 1st is a truly successful business and numbers show it perfectly: $ 7.7 million in 1987, $105.8 million in 1996, $158 million in 2000. Many successful companies with huge number of employees and impressive profits grew from an interesting business idea and succeeded by choosing the right business niche. Safety 1st once again proves these basic principles!

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