Unusual vending machine - AutoWed

Nowadays many young couples vote for free relationship and deny the necessity of official marriage. In some cases it happens because marriage usually costs a lot, even if you don't make a massive event. Besides, people don't want to waste time collecting necessary papers and visiting official institutions. I suppose that if marriage procedure becomes more simple, the number of registrations would increase. And now there's a chance to check if I'm right as world welcomes a new vending service – AutoWed. The AutoWed is a unique wedding vending machine - 2.5 meters tall device painted in a Barby-rose colour plays solemn music and provides the young couple with plastic rings and marriage certificate (unfortunately, unofficial) for a dollar or UK pound, depending on your location. At the moment this cool vending machine serves just for fun, but Sam Lanyon, the inventor of AutoWed claims that if this service will gain popularity, then in Las Vegas automatic marriage vending machine may someday become and actual method of getting married. UK vending, unfortunately, will not ever be available due to national law system. Japan vending machines are still Nr. 1 in the world, but as we see UK and US entrepreneurs also find this business niche to be profitable and are ready to invest. Hope to hear about new unusual vending machines shortly.

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