Fashion clothes purchased for blood

Normally commercial and social projects are worlds apart – you either earn money or dedicate yourself to charity. Still there is a way to unite these two important activities and Dutch project „The Red Rail" gives us a hint on how to do it in a very elegant way. The Red Rail is a fashion brand that you won't find in any store. The clothes made by emerging Dutch designers is not available for any price, it goes only to those who donate blood. There is a special lottery system: to enter, Netherlanders simply have to donate blood till the end of 2010, then send The Red Rail an email with their donor number, contact information, and choice of outfit (20 outfits are available in this collection). Winners will be announced in January 2011. Thus company motivates young and healthy people to donate blood. At the moment The Red Rail is an absolutely social project and clothes will be given way free of charge. Still I won't be surprise if within a year or two, when company will get enough advertising and become a widely recognised and popular brand, it will start to sell clothing. At least this seems to be a very natural and self-evident way of progress for such business. Lets wait and see!

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