Women online home business

Young moms, who are stuck at home for some months and even years usually face one really disturbing question: a question of work, career & finances. How can you earn your living and develop professionally if you are in maternity leave? Home business is an answer. There are a lot of possibilities for women to start a small business without leaving home and here's one success story that can become a true inspiration. Back in 1998 a young mom Laurie Meyer was "hunting" for discount coupons and sharing the information about discounts with her friends. One week she called 12 people and told them how they could get batteries for $0.50 a pack and they were so excited. Suddenly the light bulb went on and Laurie wondered if people would pay for this kind of information. And yes, they were ready to pay. With a help of home computer and ensuing technology she created CouponSense.com website and started her own small home based business. CouponSense.com is a paid subscription website that provides up-to-date coupon information. Signed members can also use tools to compare shops' offers, find best deals, and even organize coupons. Such online business do not require any special knowledge or skills which you can't get searching the web. You'll only need time and sense of purpose for a promising start of a promising business.

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