Unusual business idea: Neurotic Plush Toys

kids business idea Market of children plush toys seems to me one of the most conservative – what unique product can you think of? Plush toys vary in shape, colors and functions (some of them dance, some sing, others just sit quietly). Yet Martin Kittsteiner from Germany designed some very special toys that instantly conquered plush toys market all other Europe. Mr. Kittsteiner decided it would be fun to make a collection of toys with mental disorders. He says children like vulnerable creatures which require love and care. At the moment there are 5 toys suffering from hallucinations, depression etc. Each „patient" costs $38 and can arrive to any European country for a mere sum of $11 and to any country in the rest of the world for about $19. This unique business idea has already made Martin Kittsteiner a well-known person in Germany and some other European country as hundreds and of blogs and media sources informed about such an unusual product. And we all know that massive advertising together with interesting business idea is a key to financial success. Good luck to Mr. Kittsteiner and lets use his experience as an inspiration for our future business projects!

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