Online dating service for non-pretty people

Statistics and multiple researches prove that good looking people are usually more successful in their personal life and have better chances of finding a partner for life. That's a fact and you can't change it. But that doesn't mean that people who don't like what they see in the mirror should stay on the sidelines. Everyone wants to be noticed, to be loved and to have someone to share life. Howard James, the founders of The Ugly Bug Ball online dating service was the first to notice great business opportunities in bringing together the non-pretty people and his success is a foregone conclusion. is a site offering „real dating for real people" and „dating for the aesthetically challenged". Howard James claims that non-pretty people are usually much more loyal and have lower expectations. The site has just celebrated it's first engagement between Tom Clifford (36) and Janine Walker (31) of Gloucester, in the South West of England. The romance began after Tom's first mail to Janine: "I've got a face that makes children cry but, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and I think you'll love me too." Online dating site are among those online businesses that bring the most stable and high income, so if there's nothing similar to TheUglyBugBall in your country – hurry up and get to work!

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