Handmade Christmas cards - a source of extra income

Christmas and New Year holidays and getting close and bring us a perfect opportunity to earn some extra cash without any investments or any special knowledges. You wonder how? Few sheets of cardboard, colored paper and woolen threads is all you need to make charming handmade postcards which are so popular these days. For me it seems like a very promising idea for your own small home business. What you need? white cardboard colored paper colored wool threads scissors glue pattern of a mitten How to make? 1. Fold in half a sheet of white cardboard. Then repeat the same thing with a sheet of colored paper. Cut half of a folded sheet of colored paper and glue it onto the front of a folded piece of white cardboard. 2. Print out a pattern of mitten and cut it out. Put it on a paper of another colored paper, contour and cut out the circle. Stick the mitten on the card as shown on photo. 3. Make few holes at equal distance from each other at the upper edge of the sheet and decorate them with colored wool threads. Use same threads to tie the card. 4. Last, but not least – decorate your mitten with stripes of colored paper, tinsels, beads or paint an image.

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