Unique green business idea - from dog poop to electricity

Dogs are peoples' loyal friends, companions and many citizens can't imagine their life without these cute animals. But unfortunately there's one big problem in keeping a pet in big city – dog poop. Green lifestyle fans and pet owners used to stand on the opposite sides, but one unique green business idea, Spark Park project, changed the situation completely. The aim of Spark Park project is to turn dog poop into a source of electricity for small shops. Matthew Mazzotta, the creator of this environmental friendly project, plans to placespecial tanks for canine waste in parks which will transform metane gas produced by the dirt into a power source.Today Spark Park project has been implemented in a dog park, Cambridge, Massachusetts where electricity is used to light street lamps. If you are a pet owner that cares about environment and thinks about starting a small green business, then that's the idea to go with!

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