One of the first things that come to my mind when I think about profitable online business ideas is a dating service. According to statistics there are over 1500 different dating sites in USA and they earn about $250 millions each year. Impressive, isn't it? My unique business ideas collection already features few business niche ideas for dating sites like Dutch startup Inlovia (pairing up friends) and dating site for ugly people UglyBugBall. Here's another idea of dating business niche that seems to be very prospective. is a date site for people who can't engage in sexual intercourse because of disease, disability or even disinterest, but still want to experience love and companionship. Site was created by Laura Brashier, 50, who once won a battle against cervical cancer and found herself in an enormous challenge when it comes to dating and the topic of intimacy. Users can write details about themselves and look for online date with similar interests without having to worry about the sexual part. One user of the site that also survived cancer said that 2date4love service has given her the "hope and courage I've needed to delve back into the dating scene." Recently, the topic of relationship and dating without sex has been quiet popular. Maybe it's because of the pressure that mass media provides by aggressively promoting sexual part of life. Maybe there are some other reasons including the growing number of cancer patients. Anyway, there's a huge number of people who seek for love dating. 2date4love was launched 1 of August and had about 2000 visitors in first few days. Numbers speak for themselves - many people search for dating help and this unique business niche is potentially highly profitable.

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